Amazon Echo Dot

Working on front-end development since 1998, I am confident Voice is destined to be the next wave of tech interaction. Unlike previous technological progressions, I believe the transition to a voice interface is more significant from a development standpoint. I’m excited to be here at it’s early stages

The astronomical rate in which voice-based personal assistant such as Alexa and Google Home devices have been adopted points to tremendous opportunities in the future. It is likely that these devices are merely the stepping stone to the future of technology, however right now they are teaching and defining how people will utilities voice as the platform matures.

For this reason since early 2018 I have devoted my time to Voice First development, VUI (Voice User Interface) design, and best practices for Voice driven applications. Since that time I have tried to immerse myself in the voice industry by participating in in-person and on-line events and conferences in attempt to keep up with the rapid change to an industry that is still in it’s infancy.


In early 2019, I took advantage of the opportunity to become on of the first to be accredited by Amazon as an AWS Certified Skill Builder.  Around the same time I launched  as a place to showcase the work I was doing specifically with Voice.

You can learn more about the Alexa Skills I have published here.